We are thrilled to be gathering in person once again for Sunday morning worship. If you're planning on joining us, please contact the church office to help ensure we have sufficient seating. Thank you!

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Wednesday Wisdom 09.06.17

"According to Jesus, God does exercise His sovereignty in very minute events - even the life and death of an almost worthless sparrow. And Jesus' whole point is: If God so exercises His sovereignty in regard to sparrows, most certainly He will exercise it in regard to His children. While it is certainly true that God's love for us does not protect us from pain and sorrow, ...

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Sunday Preview 09.03.17

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... We will focus on our celebration of the Lord's Supper. Our songs, Scripture reading, prayer, and bible study will lead us to remember the sacrificial love of our God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will take time to examine ourselves before our God, and we will participate in proclaiming the sin-removing death of our Savior ...

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Wednesday Wisdom 08.30.17

"Failure to deal with the presence of sin can often be traced back to spiritual amnesia forgetting our new, true, real identity. As a believer, I am someone who has been delivered from the dominion of sin and who therefore is free and motivated to fight against the remnants of sin in my heart. You must know, rest in, think through, and act upon your new identity you are ...

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Sunday Preview 08.27.17

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... Our study of Galatians will move into chapter six, but the subject matter will not change. In these early verses of the final chapter, Paul describes an important application of Christian freedom: God's people have been freed to love one another (Gal. 5:1, 6, 13), and that love is demonstrated powerfully as we bear one another's burden...

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Wednesday Wisdom 08.23.17

"Sin is cosmic treason. Sin is treason against a perfectly pure Sovereign. It is an act of supreme ingratitude toward the One to whom we owe everything, to the One who has given us life itself. Have you ever considered the deeper implications of the slightest sin, of the most minute peccadillo? What are we saying to our Creator when we disobey Him at the slightest point? W...

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Sunday Preview 08.20.17

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... We will continue our study through the book of Galatians, finishing chapter five. We will see that the life granted to us by the Spirit is not a life of bondage, but of liberty. We will also consider how walking in harmony with the Spirit eliminates our natural tendency toward being divisive with those who think differently than we do....

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Wednesday Wisdom 08.16.17

"And a truly humble man is sensible of the small extent of his own knowledge, and the great extent of his ignorance, and of the small extent of his understanding as compared with the understanding of God. He is sensible of his weakness; how little his strength is, and how little he is able to do. He is sensible of his natural distance from God; of his dependence on Him; of...

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Sunday Review 08.13.17

In case you weren't able to be with us for our time together yesterday, here's what you missed: Worship Gatherings Pastor Rob finished our study through the fruit of the Spirit with a focus on self-control. We saw that God warns against a lack of self-control (Prov. 25:28), and that He directs us to fight against our passions (1 Pet. 2:11). But we also saw that as we g...

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Sunday Preview 08.13.17

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... The bible makes it clear that passions are continually waging war against our souls. Those passions, while taking on different forms from person to person, will rule our minds if we do not surrender our will to God. Many strategies have been concocted to ward off vices, but the truth is that human strategies are only temporal, ineffect...

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Wednesday Wisdom 08.09.17

"Help me to be in reality before Thee as in appearance I am before men, to be religious before I profess religion, to leave the world before I enter the church, to set my affections on things above, to shun forbidden follies and vanities, to be a dispenser as well as a partaker of grace, to be prepared to bear evil as well as to do good. O God, make me worthy of this calli...

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