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Sunday Preview 04.22.18

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church...

All things will one day be in complete subjection to the God of the universe. In the meantime, it should be the desire of those who are followers of Jesus Christ to be vessels through whom His character is on display. Stated differently, we should desire to display Christlike character, and this Christlike character necessitates transformation. As we study the last portion of Philippians 3, we will notice that transformation is a work of God in His people that impacts our eternal destiny, our affections, our treasure, and our mindset. God produces this transformation in our lives as we learn to be submissive to Him, but we must also note that He uses means to accomplish this: His people and His Word. Come join us as we seek to see His work continued in our lives.

Sunday Songs

Each week we'll include a list of songs we plan to sing during our time of corporate worship. We hope this helps you prepare for our Sunday gatherings.

Jesus Is Lord

Creation Sings

All Creatures of Our God and King

We Shall Behold Him