We are thrilled to be gathering in person once again for Sunday morning worship. If you're planning on joining us, please contact the church office to help ensure we have sufficient seating. Thank you!

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Are You Ready to Worship?

June 23, 2019 speaker: Dr. Robert Clark

Topic: Worship

1.  The cherubim under the chariot-throne of Almighty God

2.  The seraphim above the throne of Almighty God

3.  The living creatures surrounding the throne of Almighty God

Concluding Observations:

God is holy.

God is glorious.

God is present.

God is sovereign ruler.

God is ruler of the armies.

God is a redeeming God.

God is a sending God.

God is a seeing God.

God is a speaking God.

God is gloriously bright and beautiful.

God is eternal.

God is the creator.

God is the sustainer.

God is worthy of worship.