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Wednesday Wisdom 08.29.18

"How will [those on Christ's right hand at the final judgment] be lost in wonder, joy, and praise to find that the great God entertained thoughts of love towards them, before they had a being, or the world in which they dwelt had its foundation laid, and that He was preparing a kingdom for them while they were nothing, unknown even in idea, except to Himself! O brethren, dare any of us expect this sentence will be passed upon us? Methinks the very thought overwhelms us. Methinks our feeble frames must be unable to bear up under the ecstatic hope of so sweetly oppressive a blessedness. Oh, if this be our sentence in that day, it is no matter what we suffer in the intermediate space; that sentence would compensate for all, and annihilate the sufferings of ten thousand years." - Samuel Davies, "The Universal Judgment" from Substance of Sermons