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Archives for January 2020

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Sunday Preview 01.26.20

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... How does your righteousness measure up? Are you being a good Christian? Looking around at the world makes you really disheartened, doesn't it? What's wrong with all of these people?I am so glad that I am not as wicked as all of them.I go to church, give money, read my bible, and pray.You might remember the Lord Jesus telling a parable...

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Sunday Preview 01.19.20

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... Paul's unveiling of man's unrighteousness continues in the last section of Romans chapter one. He states, essentially, that because mankind did not "retain God in their knowledge" (Rom. 1:28), God gave them up to a mind that is not sound. The result of this unfit mind is that they "do what ought not to be done." They are controlled by ...

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Sunday Preview 01.12.20

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... Are you hungry for the gospel? If you don't know what it is, or realize the perils from which it can save you, then probably not. In the book of Romans, Paul is ultimately trying to give his readers an appetite for the gospel. His argument? The gospel reveals and provides God's righteousness (Rom. 1:17). We are in desperate need of thi...

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Sunday Preview 01.05.20

This Sunday at Cornerstone Church... We have all been created by God as worshipers. The One we are supposed to worship has revealed Himself through the things He has created. Many, rather than worshiping the Creator, worship created things. When man does not respond to God's revelation with belief and worship, there is an exchange for worshiping the wrong things. God is n...

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